KEVIN MUNDY for City Council

Why I’m Running

I’d like to tell you why I’m running and why I’d like your support and your vote.

  • I’m passionate about this city and care deeply about our collective future. Winston-Salem is already a great place to work and live for some of us, but I think we can do better. We can make it a great place for all of us.
  • I lead with my heart and make decisions with my head. Corporate America taught me how to run a successful business by being a fact-based decision maker. My years as a non-profit leader taught me that life outside the business world is rarely black and white, that needs often exceed resources, and that sometimes the best decision can’t be made by looking at the numbers alone. I’ve learned how to blend these two skill sets to compromise, maximize resources, balance budgets and still care about people. 
  • I’m prepared to hit the ground running. Of course there will be a learning curve as a new council representative, but I’ve been working with other government and community leaders for years. I know Winston-Salem’s infrastructure of human resources. I know our community’s strengths and weaknesses and I’m ready to go to work. Put me in, coach!
  • I have the time to commit to being a fully engaged representative. I have cut my regular work week back to about 20 hours so I’ll have extra time needed to get up to speed quickly and to be present in the community.
  • While I will represent the residents and businesses located in the Southwest Ward, I will act at all times with the best interests of the entire city in mind. Our lives aren’t constrained to a sector on the map. We are all interconnected. I want to be a catalyst within City Council to make sure that we find the right balance that benefits everyone, not just some.  
  • I believe that we have to make ourselves attractive to new businesses and jobs, but in ways that help our most vulnerable citizens as well. My faith calls on me to love and care for the least, the last and the lost, and this belief will inform my decisions and my actions.
  • Yo hablo español. The growth in Winston-Salem’s Latino population has outpaced every other demographic group for the past decade. I was a Spanish major as an undergrad and I have spent time studying or working in several different Spanish-speaking countries. I am fluent in conversational Spanish and I have a good understanding of and respect for Latino culture, which will allow me to advocate for this important segment of our community and workforce.